Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival
11/14/17: Sunflower's Annual Thanksgiving Eve Blues Party set Nov. 22

Sunflower's Annual Thanksgiving Eve Blues Party set Nov. 22

CLARKSDALE – The Annual Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival's popular Thanksgiving Eve blues party is cranking up with top entertainers lined up to perform at Ground Zero Blues Club Wednesday, Nov. 22, says Melvita Tillis Presley, Sunflower chairman.

Among the bluesmen already booked to play are James 'Super Chikan' Johnson, Josh 'Razorblade' Stewart, Dave Dunavant, and Otis 'TCB' Taylor, according to Maie Smith, Sunflower booking chairman.

"We appreciate these talented performers and Ground Zero supporting this fund-raiser that keeps our 31st Sunflower Festival in August free and open to everyone," says Presley.

The party is also a popular holiday event attracting out-of-town visitors and college students home during Thanksgiving," she continued.

Updated information will be posted on the Sunflower's website:

James 'Super Chikan' Johnson

Dave Dunavant

Josh 'Razorblade' Stewart

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