Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival
11/17/21: Thanksgiving Eve Sunflower party
Thanksgiving Eve Sunflower party

To honor Ground Zero’s Bill Luckett

Bill Luckett and Morgan Freeman receiving the Sunflower’s prestigious Early Wright Award during the festival’s 25th anniversary with headliner, Robert Plant, and the festival being honored with its own Blues Trail Marker.

Although the Sunflower River Blues Festival’s famous Thanksgiving Eve fund-raiser will showcase fabulous musicians booked for its 2022rd celebration, no one will receive more glory this fall than the late Bill Luckett, Ground Zero’s founder, says Melvita Tillis Presley, festival chairman. .

"Bill Luckett personally made our event a significant date on the calendar for visitors from abroad, from out of town, and for families entertaining relatives visiting during the holidays," continues Presley.

"He loved giving awards and being photographed with audience members who traveled the greatest distance to be here," she added.

This season’s blues party is scheduled from 7 – 12 p.m. Wednesday, November 24, and admission at the door is $12.

Proceeds benefit the FREE 34rd festival – August 12, 13-14. 2022.

Among the musicians booked by Maie Smith to perform at Ground Zero Thanksgiving Eve are Lucious Spiller, Mark "Muleman" Massey, Mississippi Marshall, Sean Apple, Anthony "Big A" Sherrod, Terry "Big T" Williams, and James "Super Chikan" Johnson.

For additional information, view the Sunflower’s website:

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