Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival
08/07/12: DARTS, Rebel Rides to shuttle visitors downtown at Sunflower River Festival

CLARKSDALE – Vintage-style trolleys, buses, and shuttles will be offering rides from parking lots to downtown Clarksdale’s 25th Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival, Melville Tillis, festival co-chairman, announced Monday

  “With record crowds expected,  we are delighted DARTS and Rebel Rides will be offering this service to hundreds of visitors; they can drive to town and leave their cars in large parking lots bordering Clarksdale,” he continued. “This will prevent gridlock.”

The parking lots include the former Walmart Building on State Street; the Expo Center off Anderson Blvd., Crumpton Field on Lee Drive; and the Desoto Avenue side of Nosef Park.

Both transportation companies are offering tickets at the same price: $10 per day for unlimited rides back and forth or $25 for a weekend pass during the 3-day celebration.

There is no charge for infants up to 5 years of age, and  children 6-10, tickets are $5.

Antoinette Gray Brown, DARTS transit director, and John Chrestman of Rebel Rides report both will be picking up and returning guests also at area hotels, and passengers will be taken to the Coahoma County Courthouse area.

“We’re looking forward to working together and participating in this great celebration,” agree Brown and Chrestman.

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