2023 Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival Lineup

7:00pm-7:45pmSean “Bad” Apple
8:00pm-8:45pmStan Street & Jacqueline Nassar
9:00pm-9:45pmDeak Harp & Guest
7:00pm-7:30pmDelta Blues Museum Band
7:45pm-8:15pmHeather Crosse: Heavy Suga &The Sweet Tones
8:30pm-9:00pmLucious Spiller
9:15pm-9:45pmJames “Super Chikan” Johnson & The Fighting Cocks
10:00pm-11:00pmJaye Hammer
10:00am-10:45amPat Thomas
11:00am-11:45 amLibby Rae Watson
12:00pm-12:45pmKenny Brown
1:00pm-1:45pmJimmy “Duck” Home
2:00pm-2:45pmMs Australia “Honey Bee” Jones
3:00pm-3:45pmTerry Harmonia Bean
Off site Acoustic Stage @ Ground Zero Blues Club
11:00am-11:45amLittle Willie Farmer
12:00pm-12:45pmMississippi Marshall
1:00pm-1:45pmBill Abel
5:00pm-5:30pmJohn B. & Queen Iretta Standers
5:45pm-6:30pmMark “Mule Man” Massive
6:45pm-7:30pmJimbo Mathus
7:45pm-8:45pmTerry”Big T” Williams & The Family Band
8:45pm-9:00pmMs Glady
9:00pm-9:45pmAnthony “Big A” Sherrod
10:00pm-11:00pmCristone”Kingfish” Ingram
2:30pm-3:00pmUnion Grove Mass Chior
3:15pm-4:00pmGHope Mass Chior
4:30pm-5:00pmB. J.’S Generation
5:15pm-6:00pmThe Sons of God
6:15pm-7:00pmRicky Burton & 4 Ever Gratful
7:15pm-8:15pmJosh Myles
8:30pm-9:30pmRev. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds

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