Not only is Bobby Rush a fabulous entertainer, a Grammy winner, a special friend with close ties to Clarksdale, he’s also one of the earliest victims and bravest Mississippians on the planet to beat the Coronavirus and walk away stronger than ever.

He called this morning to say he’s never felt better and is ready to roll.

This was not the case the last time we talked weeks ago.  The Clarion Ledger had published a rumored suspicion that he was not well, and I had telephoned to ask how he was getting along.

He sounded so awful I regretted bothering him.

But he told me he had been tested for the virus and it was negative.

However, ending the conversation, I remember saying: “If the virus resurfaces and If anyone can beat the Coronavirus, it will be Bobby Rush.

Apparently, it did and he did.

Today he told me he had performed in Tennessee on Feb. 28, and the next day at home he had a 105-degree temperature reading.

His police chief son took him to the hospital Feb. 29 where they were able to bring down his fever, and he returned home where he has been under a doctor’s care.

Bobby Rush and Clarksdale’s legendary Soul Man Early Wright at WROX Radio were great friends and Bobby performed at a scholarship fundraising banquet honoring Early Wright.

Another close friend was Melville Tillis, longtime chairman of Clarksdale’s Public Service Commission.  Bobby spoke and performed at the funerals of both leaders. He also appeared at City Hall and proposed naming the large outdoor stage next to the Delta Blues Museum in honor of Melville.

He has headlined the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival so many times, no has kept count.

This dispatch is being printed without news from the WHITE HOUSE CORONAVIRUS TASK FORCE BRIEFING, because we are in the middle of another awesome thunderstorm that has just struck the large Basket Oak Tree outside my office window, My house does not appear to be in danger, but I am taking no chances.